November Notions

Welcome to November everyone! Its been a long time coming, and we’re already a week into the month. I’m hoping that everyone is doing well with their word counts, as we’ve only got three weeks remaining to reach 50,000 words!

With all of the distractions that arise during the month, its easy to fall behind on your work. Take a few minutes each day to look at your schedule and see where your writing is going to fit into your day. The bet thing to do is to set a particular time each day, and sit down to work. Set up your work space to best suit your writing needs.

I make sure to let my husband, my friends, and my co-workers know that I will be busy at that time of the day, and only to interrupt me during that time if the sun is exploding! My writing space is well stocked with gum and snack foods, and I make sure to have a full travel mug of coffee or tea ready and waiting when I begin (my travel mugs are rather large, so they should last through my entire word count goal for the session). I even have particular finger-less gloves that I wear, since my hands freeze while I’m typing (and since we’re in the wonderful state of Michigan, it’ll be getting frigid really quickly) that live in my writing space. As long as everything is right at hand, there is no reason that I should have to leave my computer until I reach my goal (or surpass it, in my husband’s eyes.)

1667 words may seem like a lot, but if you put your mind to it, you can easily achieve that total and more. My husband is a gamer, and he made a point of telling me “If Link went into a pot store and only broke 1667 of the pots inside, Princess Zelda will know something’s wrong with him. Break them all!” If I don’t at least reach, if not exceed my word count, he cheers me on, coaxing me to keep going. Support systems are key to my success every year, even if its just the support of my friends on the forums.

Set your goals, find yourself a cheering section (even if it’s just your pets), and get to writing! You’ve got a whole month ahead of you!


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