2014 – A year of updates

Nano is officially over for the year. Now that we all have had a while to relax, let us look back on November’s insanity.

This year, the jaxnano twitter feed received a major overhaul. I have added several weekly updates, as well as quotes and challenges to help writers through the month.  This has been a huge success, and I am happy to say that we will keep this format throughout the life of our twitter feed.

I spent patt of the year working on our blog, and have had several issues with the host sites. I am happy to inform you all that we have returned to WordPress, and will remain here until further notice. All old blog posts have been deleted, and we will start fresh with the coming year.

November 2014 brought us a higher attendance record than any other year when it came to write-ins. A big thank you to everyone who came to an event this year. For those of you who find that writing is a year round joy, we will be working to host events throughout the year of 2015, and will be active through both sessions of camp nanowrimo.

We have a permanent location for our event in the coming year – the coffee house located in spring arbor.

Hopefully the coming year finds you happy, healthy, and filled with ideas. Keep an eye on the forums throughout the year for updates as well as events!


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